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Workbook for Kids (7+)

Elevate your child's emotional intelligence with our enriching workbook designed for kids ages 5-11. Spanning over 50 pages, this resource delves into three centers of intelligence, offering practical insights for self-regulation, emotion labeling, mindfulness, and embracing the wholehearted guideposts.


Help the kids in your life build confidence & connection as they identify their limiting beliefs and 'Ego Dragons: Shame, Fear, and Anger. Written in 'kid language', this workbook provides great opportunity for open and proactive communication.

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Guide for Parents & Professionals

Discover the Path to Deeper Understanding: Introducing Our Needs and Values Exploration for Parents & Professionals! 

As Dr. Karyn Purvis always said, "You can't lead a child down a path you haven't traveled." It's imperative that you factor yourself into the equation of wholehearted living.

Are you ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery as a caregiver? This workbook companion to the 'Wholehearted Connections' course, offers you the chance to delve into your core desires and principles, while guiding you to lead children in the strategies of the Wholehearted Method.

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Lifebooks for Kids

Unlock a powerful way to bond with your child with our downloadable guide: 'Lifebooks for Kids.' This user-friendly resource takes you step by step through writing your child's narrative while fostering connection and resilience. Discover the positive impact of shared narratives on healing and processing grief. Appropriate for kids facing challenges like divorce, adoption, and loss, while nurturing understanding and strength. Invest in your child's emotional well-being and deepen your parent-child relationship.

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