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Susan Jones Counseling

Does Your Child...

Struggle with big emotions and/or behavioral outburst that looks like overwhelm and stress.

Fight fiercely for control over the smallest things and often refuses help.

Wrestle with low self-esteem that impacts their ability to make and keep friends.

Struggle to talk about their past that involves adoption, divorce or loss.

Hi, I'm Susan...

I'm a nature-loving mom of five incredible kids, brought together through both birth and adoption. Alongside my role as a parent, I am a dedicated trauma-informed therapist with over 25 years of experience with a passion for supporting both children and adults.

My approach is deeply rooted in Attachment Theory, Child Development, and TF-CBT (Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy). I've also embraced the transformative philosophy of TBRI (Trust-Based Relational Intervention) as a practitioner and educator, and I'm proudly certified as an Enneagram Coach.

For me, every individual's story holds immense value. It's this belief that drives my work. I've crafted an approach that weaves together Mindfulness, Art, and Narrative Therapy – a unique blend that respects your experiences and helps foster healing.

Through my practice, my utmost commitment is to create a space where growth and healing naturally thrive. The heart of my work is rooted in the incredible power of resilience, which guides me as I help individuals rewrite their narratives, cultivating strength and renewal.

Susan Jones Counseling

What people are saying...

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"Susan has a God-given gift of connecting with children and parents, helping them navigate through hard questions, difficult behaviors related to trauma, and the thick of the trenches. Without fail, Susan walks my daughter and I through our questions calmly and with consistency, always providing little nuggets of wisdom that are invaluable."

Deanna Chapman

Susan's work has tremendously impacted this season of my life. Her genuine care and persistent work show in all she does. I am grateful to have found her. I know what I have learned will continue to impact me in life-changing ways.

McKensie Davis

"After my child's traumatic experience, Susan was the first person I called. Her calmness and knowledge grounded me. With her help, I was able to navigate my emotions and care for my child in a way that could help us both heal. I absolutely recommend her services!

Sara Doenges

For You...

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What Counseling modalities do you use?

My approach is rooted in Attachment Theory and Childhood Development. I rely heavily on strategies created in Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) gleaned from Mindfulness and Trauma Focused CBT. I also approach counseling creatively and employ Narrative Art Therapy in my work with children.

What ages do you work with?

I work with children, ages 6-12, and adults wanting to heal their childhood narrative. I also coach parents so that they can gain strategies for supporting their child's healing process.

What can I expect?

I typically ask that you schedule a 15 min complementary session with me to get started. From there, I will send the necessary onboarding documents for your electronic signature...(fun things like privacy practices and polices, etc.,) Once these are returned, you will have access to my Simple Practice portal and will be able to schedule online. I see children under 12 in my office (301 Main Street, Shelbyville, KY) and offer both In-Person or TeleHealth to adult clients.

Is this Christian Therapy?

I get this question a lot and while we may share a similar faith and value system, it is always the role of a therapist to respect and honor the spiritual orientation of their clients. I happily work with people of all faiths and welcome  conversation in order to help me better support you and your child.

What do you charge and can I use my insurance?

My standard fee is $135 per 50 min session. At this time I do not process insurance but I am happy to provide you with documentation for insurance reimbursement upon request. Check with your carrier for assistance and policies.

Do you have any other offerings?

I offer occasional day retreats for Moms as well as online courses, and digital products. I have also written a faith based study for Adoptive parents and have a new book coming soon.

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